søndag den 17. juli 2011

Humansensing - Tour de France

Hi Humansensing!
Greetings from the summer-tour-de-france-couch!
IDA, the  union for engineers in DK recommended a site on statistics in Tour de France.

Trainingpeaks is a very interesting site and a very modern and professional too.
Trainingpeaks is a metatool that collect that from a number of different devices and present them for analysis.

And it can as our Polar watch be used together with a real instructor/coach but the user can also make use of a virtual coach!
The real coachs needs for marketing is considered in the tool too!

From the Tour de France to riders have uploaded data from their equipment, Chris Anker and Flecha

Most interesting stages are

2. stage: Chris Anker takes his part of the work at the teamtrial(tip: look for watt performance)
Description and partly analysis
Graphical presentation

14. stage: Chris Anker støtter Contrador
Description and partly analysis

Graphical presentation
By the way you may find current speed some where, Chris Anker is quite impressive!

Have a nice summer