onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Humansensing seminar - a good proof of concept

Anders Bonde and Niels Hannibal from the HS group
The seminar was for the Humansensing group a first public and very positive experience.
Lots of people(28) had enrolled, we had made our first experiments with our sensors, good discussions and feedback. And furthermore - a number of people asked to be enrolled in our activities!

The only thing more we could wish was well prepared tests with good results. We gained a large number of lesson learned regarding the use of sensors in single subject studies but we did not get scientific proof of the value of use of sensors.

The seminars conclusions - that is the minutes from the final discussion is available here.

The powerpoint presentation are accesible via the table below.

Title Presenter
Prehistory of Humansensing
Morten Aagaard, Persuasive Design, AAU
An example of use of sensors in clinical research -  ten years ago
Hanne Mette Ridder, Associate Professor Music therapy AAU
Potentials, pittfalls and tradeoffs in the use of sensors in human science and related praxis fields
Johan Trettvik, Psychology, Assistant Professor, AAU
Experiment I: Measuring Meditation
Morten Aagaard, Persuasive Design, AAU
Experiment II: Measuring the Relation between Music and Moving Images Combining Physiological and Self-Raporting Data
Anders Bonde, Music, Associate Professor, AAU
Experiment III: Quantified Self - 24/7 sensor diary
Jonathan Led Larsen, psychologist, Region Nord
Sensors - state of the art Neeli Prasad, Associate Professor  at Center for Tele Infra Structure, AAU
Perspectives and announcement
Summary of discussion Announcements
The Humansensing group

Finally we would like to thanks all  that has helped us. Financially or otherwise.
Professor Ramjee Prasad, CTIF, sponsoring the sensors
Christian Jantzen, head of Institute for communication and psychology, sponsoring equipments
Tove Arendt Rasmussen, head of  Human Centered Communication and Informatics,  sponsoring the lunch

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