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Guestlecture at Institute of Communication & Psychology/AAU - May 10, 10 am: Rob Kranenburg

Rob Kranenburg, visionary, author and founder of the think tank "The Internet of Things" is comming to Institute of Communication and Psychology/AAU 10 of May and will be giving a lecture

Articles of Rob can be found at the bottom of this post.

Researchers within social medias, humansensing, psychology, INDIMEDIA, MAERKK and researchers working with ethical issues.
Students interested in working with contemporary and future challenges.

Rob has as educated in litteraturestudies and are having "helicopter view" on technology trends and are very much aware of the significant potentials and pittfals of the current development within IOT.

The internet of things, body area networks and Natural Born Cyborgs – treats and opportunities

Rob Kranenburg, director of IOT  - the Internet of Things
Time: May 10th, 10-12 am, Nyhavnsgade 14, room 1.09
A new technological wave is rolling – IOT. The fact that more and more things or devices are connected to the internet and are interactive. One of these things are jewelries, exercise gadgets or preventive ICT health equipment or technically speaking our body area network(ban) that gives rise to new opportunities for persuasive cognitive support systems that will give ease development of competence and ease handling difficult challenges. On one hand. On the other hand the potential is that the devices will eliminate vital cognitive competences. Private logdata will be the new source of wealth for the individual and for the big corporation.
Being a natural born cyborg is not 5 years away rather 5 month.
Rob Kranenburg will present IOT, ban and discuss the new techno-political agenda. 


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  1. Rob gave an excellent talk with an remable outsight!
    His slides is available here: