onsdag den 22. maj 2013

Humansensing seminar - sensored!

The humansensing seminar exposed the variaty of activities at the humanistic faculty within humansensing. It spans from clinical like experiments to real world diaries. The hot discussion topic was how the large amount of quantitative data can be integrated in human science. A good day.

As the tradition prescribes a number of the active participants at the Humansensing seminar were wearing sensors. Four individuals: Anders Bonde(MÆRKK, Britta Frederiksen(Musictherapy), Niels Hannibal(Musik therapy) and Morten Aagaard(IndiMedia).

The data is collected in almost the time time interval. Britta data include context data too.

But the figures - the numbers differs remarkable.

Happy analysis!

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