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Gernes Gallery

This gallery is a very first attempt. The link to the gallery is in the bottom of the article. 

Each artwork is accompagnied with a description. Please feel free to neglect the explanation

Gernes Gallery - PowerPoint(best)
Gernes Gallery Acrobat

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Some notes on Gernes data visualisations
The gallery contains data visualisations that balance functionality and aesthetical qualities. The balance here is the final word but a first attempt to dive into a new creative field that is huge in potential solutions.
If the only requirement to the data visualisations is rooted in the data visualisation traditions the expressivity of the data visualisation tools would be ascetic and poor.
If the only requirements was an artistic experiments the datavisualisations would be  odd.
Here you see the first attempt to create an Poul Gernes inspired data visualisations. You have to experience the artwork with an open mind.
The data visualisations have been created in the first limited version of a Gernes inspired data visualisation tool. The tool consist of approx.. 4-5000 lines of code.
The data visualisations are flat, non interactive phenomenas. When reading (Heer & Shneidermann, 2012) and (Yi et al, 2012) you may say that data visualisations has a potential to be a modern diary including all kinds of data including personal qualitative emotions and experiences. The expressivity of data visualisations increase and here are only 2 dimensional visualisations shown. Modern data visualisations can be easily comprehendible with 5-6 dimensions.
Last thing to mention is: The targetgroup of these data visualisations are patients who read data visualisations with hope in mind. Poul Gernes “Colours of Medicine" can give patients that hope.

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