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Tool for editing Gernes inspired datavisualisations 

Traditionally data visualisations has be programmed by software developers. The Gernes tool version 0.1 is orientated towards endusers with artistic and a minor technical skills.
The current version of the tool is a car without hood. Be carefull!

  1. How to use it
    To get access to the tool you simply double click on the datavisualisation. An Gernes data visualisation can be found at
    Edit an gernes visualisation.

    When double clicking the tool shows up.
    When you are done editing, you either press "Save" or "Close".

    The menu tool gives the designer control over a) which data are visualised, b) artistic properties of the datavisualisation and 3) technical settings of the datavisualisation.

    The showbackground, Showline, showdots, showblocks controls whether element are shown or not. Acceptable values are true and false.

    If you want to control the size or color of elements, e.g. the circles you can set circle_fill, circle_stroke, elementwidth_top(size).

    If you want to control the line between circles  you can setline_style, line_color or line_width.

    And so worth.
  2. Limitations
    The current version works without any control of userinput and any users can destroy the visualisation. Luckily the example can be recreated.

    More properties can indeed be considered. And  interaction of the tool may not be a one long menu.
  3. Considerations
    The usage of Gernes ideas and work is definetly not fullfilled in version 0.1. But elaborated further the tool can rise to a fullfunctional artistic tool rooted in the ideas of Poul Gernes.

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